Our family Partnership & Co-Own Programme allows  our partner families to experience the excitement of puppy breeding along with the joy of dog ownership. As a breeder, while I would truly love to keep all of my dogs and enjoy all the love and fun they add to our days, we are truly limited to how many we can keep in our home and still provide the individual love, attention and time that each of our dogs deserves.  This programme is an excellent way for our partner families to participate in our passion while permitting myself as a breeder to add a potential show and breeding dog tour programme,

Under this programme, I select my 'pick of the litter' puppy that I believe will do well in our showing and breeding programme.  This pup will be part of your family and lives in your home, just like any of the other pups from the litter.  Bennett's Northern Stars owns the breeding rights for the dog for duration of the programme.

You have the full option , and we heartily encourage you, to take your dog to training classes for agility, obedience, dock diving, etc. or for simple pleasures such as hiking or trips to the cottage.  Or if you are interested, you can choose to register and participate in dog shows and work towards achieving his or her confirmation title and win ribbons, get bragging rights, and meet new friends in the dog show community!

Family Partnership & Co-owning is very important to any breeding programme.  Females are usually bred around 2 years of age and are kept intact for two litters in our breeding programme.  Males are kept intact and used in our breeding programme up to the age of five years old.

Family Partnership & co-own families are not responsible for any expenses related to breeding.  Breeding expenses are the responsibility of Bennett's Northern Stars and include such expenses as eye certifications, hip and elbow certifications, and genetic testing as necessary.

You are responsible for all veterinary care and wellness for your dog.  this includes routine care such as annual vaccinations, grooming, heartworm prevention, training, food, supplements, etc.

Once our breeding and stud dogs have fulfilled the Bennett's Northern Stars programme, you will receive written direction to spay/neuter your dog and you will have full ownership of dog as a pet in their forever home.

If would like to learn more about this programme, please contact Bennett's Northern Stars and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.